The man who was given 5000 euros a month and protested

Many people’s dream would be to receive a monthly salary for doing nothing, to stay at home and to wait every month to receive payment to go for a walk or spend it on the tastes of your preference. That would not only be ideal for many people, but they would not even remotely protest to be in such a situation.

But, the same can not be said of Charles Simon, an employee of a railway company in France who since 2003, and for more than 12 years, received in a monthly amount of 5496 euros.

However, the man got tired of such a situation and at the end of 2015 he decided to complain to the managers of the state railway company, not about the money he received without working, but because he considered that he had a brilliant career as an engineer, which was the same as she had been frustrated by leaving him at home and not allowing him to work.

But everything has an explanation because Charles Simon, in 2003, discovered a embezzlement worth 20 million euros. From then on his bosses decided it was better to have him away and decided to send him home.

Once the case was known to the company’s managers, they took into account their application and decided to reinstate it and assign it a charge later that year and, although they did not demand the withdrawal of the money, they did state that their position, for a period of all those years had been malicious.

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The man who was given 5000 euros a month and protested
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August 22, 2019

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