The man with the longest beard in the world

There are truly amazing people and records, and one of them is that of a 19th century Norwegian man who, according to records, has enough credentials to claim the title as the man with the longest beard in the world.

Hans Nielsen Langseth, according to some birth records apparently was born on July 14, 1846 in Eidsvoll, Norway and died on November 10, 1927 in Barney, North Dakota located in the United States managed to obtain the record of the longest beard in the world as it came to measure 5.33 meters.

Around the year 1867 he emigrated to the United States and later in 1870 he married Anna Benson and moved to Iowa with her. Tragically widowed after his wife gave birth to his youngest son, he moved to Minnesota.

Most of his life was dedicated to the countryside, but eventually seeing that the beard grew too fast he decided to join a circus that traveled around the United States giving shows to spectators and of course he called himself “King Whiskers”.

As an adult he decided to cut off his long beard and the coat he wore under his usual clothes. He died at the age of 81 and was buried in North Dakota where he spent his last years of life.

There has been much speculation as to why this gentleman let his beard grow so much but there is information given by the granddaughter Alma Langseth Richards which states that he and a neighbor made a bet and won because he had grown more beard during the winter. Without a doubt he is a fascinating character because this type of people are not seen every day.

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The man with the longest beard in the world
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