The man with the longest moustache in the world

The Guinness book records record escountreallys really very curious feats and rarities, and what to say about an undeceased man, who entered the book for having the longest moustache in the world.

A mustache never seen before

It is Kalyan Ramji Sain born in a small indian village called Sundargarth, has been listed as the man with the longest moustache in the world; this gentleman stopped shaving his moustache since 1976 and reached a length of 327 cm, counting 167 cm from the right side and 160 cm from the left side, in July 1992.

Since his death in 1993, there have been many attempts to obtain such a title, including his nephew Deepak Rashid, who lives in Rajasthan. On another occasion but this time in the 2003 Santram Vaghel of New Delhi tried to get so coveted title.

It is a very ancient custom to wear moustache in this part of the world, to be more precise in Rajasthan, for as time goes on this custom has become popular, even since ancient times where the warriors or Rashput (in English rajput) were left the moustache as a sign of masculinity. These warriors belonged to clans defending territories mainly in northern and central India.

The care of these bearded men ranges from a simple homemade mask, to expensive treatments in specialized places. They are very careful when it comes to hygiene and maintenance, as they do not let any barber touch their precious facial mane.

Interestingly, scientists claim that the hair continues to grow after death, but the beautiful one born in the jaw, whether it is a mustache or the beard is preserved for much longer, so much so that it is said that the longest beard in the world, which came to measure 5.33 me owned by a Norwegian, it is still on display in a museum in the United States.

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The man with the longest moustache in the world
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