The man with the world’s biggest nose

There are parts of the body that we would like to see protruding, such as pectoral in men or good ointments in the woman, or eyes. However, there are other parts that it is better not to have as big or to be protruding, mainly if it is something that is as noticeable as the nose. However, this man is happy with his record.

No one can help but look at him on the street

This is the 66-year-old Turkish Mehmet Ozyurek has been listed by the Guinness Records book in 2011 as “The Longest Nose Man in the World” which measures 8.8 cm. Ozyurek 61, is proud of his recognition , but he’s quite bothered by the jokes that revolve around him and his nose.

The nose is one of the most characteristic physical features of the human being and has been considered as a determining organ of the beauty that each individual possesses; so much so that throughout the history of mankind have come to be recognized great figures of history, not only for their exploits, but for the size of their nose.

Such is the case of the well-known philosopher Socrates, who had a nose with a very peculiar shape for the time; or the famous sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti, who suffered an accident and after his recovery, was left with his nose “chat” and in addition to being admired for his wonderful work, was a phenomenon for the time because it was not very common people with the nose like that.

Smell is a very important sense for human development, and we could say that Mehmet has a very well developed nose smell and thanks to his nose, he has gained worldwide recognition.

The first edition of the Book of the Amazing Guinness Records was published in 1955 and since then, many people around the world have been dedicated to gaining fame and leaving their name aloft.

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The man with the world’s biggest nose
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July 20, 2019

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