The men who celebrate by shooting at the feet

In the world there are customs and traditions of the most exotic and, in some cases, extreme, such as scarification or bodily modifications.

Strange cultures that still remain

But in Saudi Arabia there is a tradition that isn´t left behind, and what is more, involving children. It consists of literally shooting yourself at the feet with jezails, a weapon sometimes handmade and that are similar to a carbine.

This act is performed to celebrate graduations or weddings, for which excursions are carried to the outskirts of the city of Taif. The act is carried out by one or more men, who stand on a carpet and, by common agreement, begin to shoot themselves, while jumping to avoid getting hurt.

However, sometimes the most skilled wield a jezail in each hand, which gives the act not only greater appeal, but also a greater risk.

Sometimes it’s the same person who shoots, but a teammate can also shoot you. In any case, success consists of a mixture of skill and coordination to jump enough and not get hurt by the flash coming out of arms.

Although the strange tradition is made for celebration, it is only carried out between men and women do not come.

The men who celebrate by shooting at the feet
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August 14, 2019

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