The mistery of the suicide dogs of Overtoun

To the list of enigmas and mysteries of the world is added one more: that of the suicide dogs of Overtoun; one of the most disturbing enigmas of Scotland and to which, of course, some have accommodated several additional legends with the clear purpose of taking economic advantage of tourism and its derivatives.

El misterio de los perros suicidas de Overtoun

A paranormal case

This is the bridge Overtoun, a place that, at first glance, is calm and pleasant. However, he hides a strange and strange secret that makes him known as The Bridge of Suicidal Dogs. But the question does not end there, since it was discovered that not all dog breeds were thrown into the void, but only the races Golden Retriver, Labrador and Colies.

The bridge is located in Milton, Scotland and in the last 50 years it is believed that more than 100 dogs have been thrown into the void, with a marked tendency to increase in recent years. In principle it was thought that it would be some plant, but this theory was discarded. Apparently it is American mink that live in abundance in this area causing it, who secrete a very fragrant substance that drives dogs crazy.

The skeptics of the mystery are convinced of this. However others are not so, especially that there have been cases of recidivist dogs that have survived the first release, and have been re-launched, which is thought that the trauma of the first release would have been enough to not do it again .

However, others think that a true mystery is hidden behind the solitary and tranquil Overtoun bridge. Anyway, as long as the mystery is solved we can only advise that you do not go out for a walk to the overtoun bridge with your dog, lest you join the long list of suicide dogs.

Watch video version: Suicidal dogs. The mystery of Overtoun.

The mistery of the suicide dogs of Overtoun
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June 30, 2019

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