The most beautiful woman in the world

Beauty is something abstract and, for someone can be absolutely beautiful, for another not; what for someone can be overwhelming, for another barely if it is perceived. And it is something that we see, for example, in beauty contests in which, very often, we find a different woman more beautiful to the winner.

Her beauty hypnotizes everyone

Beauty, likewise, is conditioned by the cultural patterns of a population group. For example, among the Kayan tribe women are considered more beautiful in the longer they have the neck, which has given rise to so-called women with giraffe necks, and that in our Western world they would not only not be attractive, but we could even feel some kind of prevention.

However, according to science, there is a woman who unequivocally becomes creditor to the most beautiful woman in the world for her perfect factions. This is Florence Colgate, a UK-born woman in 1994 and who won the Lorraine Naked competition for her natural beauty.

Florence has not undergone any surgery and, according to Scotland’s Perception Lab, has large eyes, slightly protruding cheekbones, padded lips and light skin colour, which corresponds to the standards of today’s beauty.

But there’s something else why Florence is regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world, and that lies in the perfect symmetry of her factions. The distance from your ears is exactly twice the distance between your pupils, your nose and mouth are perfectly aligned and the distance between your eyes and mouth is one third of the distance between your hairline and your chin. All without any surgery, botox or Photoshop retouching.

Florence won more than 8000 faces that showed up for the contest and earned her not only her worldwide recognition, but also signing for some modeling and commercial campaigns in her country.

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The most beautiful woman in the world
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