The most famous animalists

The vast majority of stars of the show take advantage of its popularity to promote and spread awareness about the protection and rights of animals.

Alicia Silverstone

The actress is a hardened lover of animals and that’s why she has a whole sanctuary dedicated to animals collected from the streets. A member with a great sense of belonging, of the famous organization PETA.

Paul McCartney

The former member of the Beatles group has expressed his marked protective stance of fauna, which even his diet is based on radical vegetarianism. Actively participates in various campaigns to eradicate animal smuggling in Israel and whaling.


The controversial singer has its ecological side, as it is one of the most famous animalists. Some of the themes of his authorship are about the awareness of the preservation and care of species.

Kristen Bell

The renowned actress, of course, is also a die-hard practitioner of vegetarianism. Collecting resources for ecological programs, focused on animal care and protection, is one of your favorite activities.

Charlize Theron

In various media he promotes animal adoption and is an activist to stand out, in the United States.

Brad Pitt

The renowned Hollywood actor also expresses his penchant for vegetarianism and has focused on helping the ‘grizzli bears’.

Leonardo DiCaprio

He is the current “ambassador” of the IFFW, an entity with which he contributed to the freedom of a jungle feline. It is governed by a strictly vegetarian diet. His personality is of an animal welfare activist.

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The most famous animalists
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September 11, 2019

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