The most famous plagiarism in cinema

Many film directors have wonderful and fruitful ideas; but others, despite the fame they have gained, only feed on the ideas that someone else had already proposed. Below, we will see some of the most famous plagiarism in the history of cinema.

Video Brinquedo

According to the analysts of the seventh art, the most recognized plagiarism of animated cinema is made by Video Brinquedo, a company of Brazilian origin dedicated to making animation videos for children. The cartoons they sell have mostly arguments, copied from the famous American cartoons.

Among its long list of videos, which are the subject of many criticisms for their low quality, we can highlight The Little cars, which is an obvious plagiarism of Cars, from the Pixar studio, launched in 2006. Ratatoing, ratatouille’s plagiarism, released by Disney, in 2007, and The Little Panda Fighter, 2008’s Kung Fu Panda plagiarism.

Kill Bill

One of the most famous film directors is Quentin Tarantino, as he has inspired many films loaded with action scenes, sometimes upsands, but he is also known for stealing many ideas from other of his colleagues. The film Kill Bill is a sign of this, as this tape is accused of cloning the Lotus project, which was presented by Miramax.

Star Wars

George Lucas, famous director and creator of the Star Wars series, said this film is his way of paying tribute to Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero of a Thousand Faces.”


James Cameron’s Avatar is accused of having many similarities to Pocahontas, the acclaimed 1990s animated film; but a decade later, it was able to set itself in 3D and double the winnings at the box office.

Toy Story

Toy Story is a famous Pixar studios film, already boasting three installments and a fourth is expected by 2018 but the film is the faithful copy of a Jim Henson TV special called The Christmas Toy, broadcast in 1986.

The Glow

According to the judgment of all the film experts, the famous scene in which Jack Nicholson breaks a door with an axe, in Stanley Kubrick’s famous film “The Shining,” is actually a plagiarism of a film called “The Phantom Carriage” released in 1921.

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The most famous plagiarism in cinema
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August 28, 2019

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