The most polluted places on the planet

If you thought that the air you breathe in the city you are living in is harmful, because in the cities that we will show you then, oxygen becomes extremely toxic and the level of pollution deteriorates rapidly.

In Pakistan and India, the greatest amount of pollution is concentrated, due to the accelerated development of industries, which do not prevent harm to the environment.


It is the second largest city in India and the number one in pollution, worldwide. The exorbitant number of vehicles and industrial factories are the cause of the critical level of environmental pollution there.


It is a small city, if compared to the other Indian cities. But it’s one of the ones with extreme foul air. Two million people live there.


Similarly, as a result of the abuse of the environment by industries and multinationals, Gwalior is one of the most polluted places on the planet.


If you continue to search for those most intense pollution sites in the world, Indian cities such as Jaipur continue to prevail.


This time it’s Pakistan’s turn, with the country’s largest city. Thousands of vehicles drive in a terrible mechanical technical state and the industrial emissions overflow, generate the panorama in this place.


Pollution here is tremendous, as a result of massive waste burning in the industry. It is one of the oldest cities on the Asian continent.


With about 300 thousand inhabitants, its air is extremely harmful and lethal. The quality of life of this place is unfortunate.

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The most polluted places on the planet
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August 22, 2019

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