The Mysteries of Atlantis

There is a legend that tells the story of a huge island, which was perhaps a continent located where the Mediterranean now exists. Likewise, other sources dare to say that it existed in the Atlantic Ocean. This great island is known as “Atlantis”.

The Mysteries of Atlantis

The continent submerged in the Atlantic Ocean

It is said that it was destroyed by an earthquake or tsunami which caused a flood that completely submerged the continent leaving it under the waters. Several researches agree that the inhabitants of this island possessed technology and culture superior to that of modern humanity and thanks to their location, they had easy access to the Egyptian and Mayan cultures.

In addition, they were recognized travelers and dominated the seas because, they had magnificent ships that allowed them to sail all the oceans of the planet. The legend of Atlantis is born from Plato’s own words, around 350 BC, who in dialogues with Timeo, told the story of a civilization living on an island where today Gibraltar remains, which was destroyed as a result of a great cataclysm , an event that the Greek sages described as a punishment of Poseidon, the god of the seas, for offenses on behalf of him and the other deities.

In the ancient world there are many stories that prove the existence of a great civilization similar to our own and that existed before the great flood. The Greeks called it Atlantis and the Maya called it Atlan. It is possible that this island has existed, because objects and ruins have been found on the seabed with a unique delicacy and architectural perfection, as in the Bermuda Triangle and in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Canary Islands.

It is indisputable that these objects are proof that if there was a civilization far superior to ours and, that has repeatedly been related to aliens, because in the ruins they were also found, objects similar to super machines Modern.

The stories collected throughout history were in the Library of Alexandria, but in 300 AD, Christians burned down all the material and with that event, the evidence that proved that and other events that occurred in the beginning of our History.

It is clear that this civilization had super-advanced technology, proof of this are the electric batteries that were found in Baghdad, dating back about 2000 years ago and that modern civilization has classified as objects with unknown use.

A rather interesting hypothesis and, mysteriously very similar to the current history of our civilization, has to do with the electromagnetic fields of the Bermuda Triangle, which may be associated with the use of atomic energy, which possibly the Atlanteans developed, but that led them to their destruction.

Apparently from scholars of these subjects, ancient civilizations coincide largely with atomic explosions: the Maya and Egyptians included them in their hieroglyphics and this has been happening since the beginning of our civilization. A good number of archaeologists, based on certain accounts from the Bible, claim that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed with an atomic explosion.

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The Mysteries of Atlantis
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