The mysterious and fearsome fire tornadoes

Nature is very beautiful and offers us beautiful spectacles to which most of us would be engrossed, but also when angry, their fury comes to form the strangest and most dreadful phenomena. And one of the most fearsome are tornadoes, which become deadly and whose potency is so devastating that they can lift cars and destroy houses.

An unusual phenomenon of nature

But what if the tornadoes were fire? Although rare and rare, they do happen and, although they don’t have the same power as traditional tornadoes, they can become quite dangerous.

Some of the best known are Sao Paulo in 2010, Kentucky, in 2011, Curtin Springs, northern Australia, in 2012 and, perhaps most devastating of all, Tokyo’s, which occurred on November 1, 1923 and which , in addition to the earthquake of the same date, ended the lives of nearly 40,000 people.

These phenomena, beautiful and catastrophic at the same time, are the product of the conjunction of the fury of fire and air and have been reproduced on a scale several times by humans. One of the best demonstrations for its sophistication and beauty was that made in 2012 by the Singapore Science Centre as a show and demonstration for the audience.

Other people have also done various demonstrations independently using fans and even guides have been created on how to create them at home safely and the different methods.

Beyond this, it can be said that they come to occur spontaneously when the right conditions such as temperature, wind and, of course, fire are presented, which is why they only occur spontaneously during the summer, time when there is more likes to fires because of high temperatures.

The mysterious and fearsome fire tornadoes
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August 6, 2019

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