The mysterious transparent sphere that was found at sea

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its mysteries and wonders, and this time it is an almost invisible sphere that was found in mid-2015 on the coast of Turkey by a group of divers while doing some reconnaissance work in the area.

No one has found an answer to this mystery

The strange and enigmatic sphere is almost transparent, so hardly if it is perceptible by the human eye, it has an approximate measurement of 4 meters long, gelatinous appearance and was found 22 meters deep and examined curiously by the team of divers who He found it.

It is not yet known for what could be, however, Dr. Michael Vecchione, a biologist at the Smithsonian museum of natural history, has ventured to propose that it would be squid eggs, more specifically the most enormous mass of squid eggs that no one would have found before.

Other various hypotheses have also been suggested; the most believable point in two different ways. On the one hand there are those who consider that it could be the placenta of a whale. A second large group believes that the strange semi-transparent and malleable object may have formed from the agglomeration of marine debris.

A smaller group thinks it could be an unknown sea creature, however, this latter position does not seem to be very successful, because the sphere has no intelligent behavior and has any reaction to different stimuli.

The scientific community has not yet entered into it to determine exactly what it is, although everything seems to indicate that this is some natural type formation.

The mysterious transparent sphere that was found at sea
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August 14, 2019

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