The mystery of the photo of the two extraterrestrial astronauts

It is a peculiar photo taken by Yim Templeton in Solway Firth, in the north of England, when on May 24, 1964 he went out to the country to take a walk with his wife and daughter. The man took pictures in an unprepared way. However, it would be his surprise when he revealed the photo, appeared in one of the three that took that afternoon, a man behind the girl. Templeton was sure that there was nobody but the three of them in that place.

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The photo of the two extraterrestrial astronauts

However, this is not the strangest thing. The photo was published in the newspaper Deily Mirror and soon attracted the attention of many people. Among them it is worth mentioning the visit to Templeton of two men dressed in black who boarded it. The man told them the story; however, the men asked for a second astronaut. When Templeton ratified that they had not seen any other astronaut, the men changed radically, becoming harsh and dry.

This all he did was to enlarge the mystery and, more than one ufologist has not delayed in saying that what appears in the photo is a real astronaut, which could not be perceived by the human eye, but which was totally visible to the lens of the camera. However, according to the men dressed in black, it was not just an astronaut, but two who were there that afternoon on May 24, 1964.

How did they know they were two astronauts? Why did they lose interest when the man claimed that only one astronaut had been revealed in the photo? Could they be human astronauts? It does not seem viable because if they were, they would have been visible to the human eye – and Templeton says he saw nothing, except when the photos were revealed. Skeptics suggest that she was the wife of the man who may have appeared at the last moment, however, she does not look like the face or figure of a woman.

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The mystery of the photo of the two extraterrestrial astronauts
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June 30, 2019

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