The mystery of the virgins who cry blood

Fact or fiction this event is quite touching, the statues of virgins around the world that supposedly cry or exude blood and that repeatedly have been studied by scientists who dare to say that if they are tears with blood by the components of this enigmatic liquid that appears in the Catholic deities.

The mystery of the virgins who cry blood

Around the world there are millions of believers who attribute this event to heavenly forces that come to give a message to humanity and there are also millions of people who are skeptical about these events that could well be a product of the imagination or a rather elaborate fraud.

In June 1985, Julia Kim, a woman of Chinese origin, claimed to be a witness to supernatural manifestations because the image of the virgin she had in her home began to cry tears of blood. In that same year, she was the victim of curious wounds on her body, identical to those suffered by Jesus Christ, punctures on her hands and feet, and she also claimed to feel whips and severe pain all over her body.

The image was “crying” for 700 days in the sight of thousands of parishioners who went to the place and where scientists from the Vatican arrived to confirm that it was human blood.

Another well known event occurred in Mexico in the home of Maria Guadalupe Salazar who in 2002 assured that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe began to shed tears of blood just after the Ash Wednesday celebration, this event was also the subject of several scientific studies that confirmed the presence of blood in the images. In Mexico, according to a famous legend, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the Indian Juan Diego in 1531 on the hill of Tepeyac, where there had previously been a temple to an Aztec goddess, in central Mexico.

This enigmatic event that sometimes seems to be taken from some science fiction book is undoubtedly a mystery that we cannot reveal because we are not sure of the origin of this strange liquid that could well be the invention of some believer who needs the attention of the media or it could be an event promoted by the celestial entities that want to bring an important message to humanity.


The mystery of the virgins who cry blood
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