The octopus, the first alien animal?

The search for extraterrestrial life has led humans to look far away from our planet, even in other galaxies millions of light-years away. However, aliens could be closer than we could have imagined and found theself, not up in the stars, but down in the sea.

Its strange form does not seem of this world

Scientists at the University of California, along with scientists from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, sequenced the octopus genome and the results were surprising and showed that this exotic animal looks nothing like anything in the nature, and even quite different from other molluscs.

Its genome is incredibly complex and is 10 times larger than that of other invertebrates, and more than twice that of mammals.

With regard to the human being, although its genome is slightly smaller, it has more genes, which puts it decisively as a different animal to all others existing in nature and, in its own way, make it an otherworldly being with it huge brain and its particul are skills when solving problems.

British zoologist Martin Wells even went so long as to state that the octopus is an alien. Clifton Ragsdale, a neurobiologist at the University of Chicago, said, “It’s the first sequenced genome of something like an alien.” statements that, of course, we must understand in their respective context.

In addition to this, octopuses have an incredible ability to adapt to different environments and it is possible to find them not only in all the seas of the world, but at various depths. In addition, these friendly animals have a unique ability to regenerate complex parts of their organism such as eyes and arms, as well as have a formidable camouflage system. A wonder that seems not to be of this world!

The octopus, the first alien animal?
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August 14, 2019

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