The oldest inhabited city in the world

The enigmatic India hides in its entrails numerous wonders that contain all the wisdom of one of the oldest civilizations on earth and perhaps the one with the greatest cultural and religious resonance in the whole world.

Formerly this city was known as Varanasi because it was located between the rivers Varuna and Asii, but nowadays, this last affluent no longer exists. Due to the British intervention the name of the city suffered several changes and nowadays it is known as Varanasi.

It is more than 4000 years old and has always been inhabited. It is considered a sacred city and a place of pilgrimage for the Buddhist and Hindu believers who predominate in that area of the country.

Varanasi was repeatedly assaulted by Muslim invaders. The Mongolian Emperor Aurangzeb gave the order to destroy many temples that were located throughout the city, but despite these crude attacks most of the palaces and shrines managed to survive, dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

This city is an important cultural and religious center because it has been characterized by keeping intact the teachings of their ancestors so it is also a recognized cradle of poets, philosophers, sociologists well known around the world.

It is a very beautiful city but like everything in this world it has its bad side, because there is a side of the city that the tourists know as the Godowlia and it is the chaotic zone of Varanasi, that thanks to the overpopulation that not only affects India has made of the city a chaos and by the streets of this locality thousands of people walk from a side to another one, added to this the incessant noise of the cars and motorcycles that totally ignore the transit signals reason why to transit these streets becomes an entire feat.

Archaeologists agree that this city has not ceased to exist for 4000 years and that it has no trace of wanting to disappear. This millenary city is flooded with history and culture, and has been a living witness of the passing of time and the great changes that the world and humanity have had.


The oldest inhabited city in the world
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