The oldest school in Duitama

The College of the Presentation is one of the oldest educational communities in the country and on several occasions has been listed as one of the best official schools, as it has given society a valuable number of women leaders in the fields of family, politicians, business, educational, etc., in addition to obtaining in different consecutive years, the highest ICFES scores and the Highest Saber Tests in Colombia, so it has received several significant recognitions throughout its history.

Whole generations were formed there

From 1925, the religious community of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation, arrived in Duitama convened by the mayor of that time, Aristides Nieto, to take charge of this house of study. Her first rector was Agustina de la Cruz, who together with a group of sisters from that Catholic community, took responsibility for the formation of a good number of girls who started the primary stage.

In a very short time, they managed to build a building according to the needs, located on 17th Street with race 15, in the heart of the city. Five years later, the school expanded to open the high school courses, which aimed to educate young women with a Christian education, so that they could serve as mothers, religious or women useful for the Society.

In January of this year, the Dominican Sisters submitted their resignation letter but the parents did not hesitate to protest, along with several citizens and students, as happened in 1973. At that time, the school was private and was entirely in charge of its founders, but in view of the economic difficulties they faced, they managed to transform the character of the school into cooperative and in 1993, it became nationalized.

Nearly 1300 students attended the present classrooms, until in 2003 the oldest school in Duitama, The Carmen Concentration, merged to the school where more than 2500 students now study, who are educated with Marie’s philosophy and pedagogical principles Poussepin, the founder of this order of religious, who currently run a number of Catholic schools across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

These principles and ideals of Marie Poussepin consist of “teaching young people and children to earn a decent living”, truth as value and virtue in acts and words avoiding bending and lying; solidarity as a search for the common good through communication, collaboration, sharing of goods with those most in need; tolerance as a respect for difference and the principles of healthy coexistence; honesty as fidelity and coherence with ethical principles, truth and justice.”

The oldest school in Duitama
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June 30, 2019

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