The player who scored 5 goals in a match

In football soccer there are strange records that only happen very rarely in life. Such is the case of Robert Lewandowski, a Polish player soccer who was born in 1988, at 1.84 metres tall and who in 2014 was signed by Bayern Munich of Germany. But it wasn’t until September 22, 2015 that his name would shake the world’s sporting world.

An expert at kicking the ball

On that date his team was facing Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga when manager Pep Guardiola decided to remove him from the substitution to help in the match that Bayern Munich lost until then by score 1 – 0.

And he did know how to do it, and when no one imagined it, he managed to score a back-to-back sequence of five goals in just 9 minutes like that: 51, 52, 55, 57 and 60. The assistants were mad with such a feat, and it is not for nothing because not every day someone can see a soccer player beat five records in just a few minutes.

Lewandowski broke the record for the three fastest goals in the Bundesliga, in just four minutes. He also broke the record for the four and five fastest goals, respectively. But there he didn´t finish his feat as with his performance he also became the substitute player to score more than three goals in a single match.

Likewise, the Pole broke the record for the five fastest goals in the history of the major European soccer leagues, in short, there is no statistical record of such a feat.

Although in the past player Dierte Muller, in 1977 he had already scored 6 goals in the same match when in Cologne he beat Bremen 7 to 2, they had never scored five goals in such a short period of time. Pep Guardiola himself, at the end of the match, stated that he had never seen anything like this, neither as a player nor as a coach.

However, not everyone was happy that night and his teammate and team captain, Philipp Lahm, stated that Lewandowski could actually have scored up to two more goals had it not been for wrong. Either way, Lewandowski was only nine minutes old to get into the history of the big soccer records.

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The player who scored 5 goals in a match
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