The real human Barbie was hit

Valeria Lukianova, the famous model of Moldovan origin, born in 1985 and who has gained much of its reputation by being known as the real human barbie, was violently assaulted on October 31, 2014 while the festivities of the Halloween when he left his home, in the small maritime town of Odesa, Ukraine.

The woman, according to her own accounts, was verbally and physically assaulted by two subjects on her way home. Between the two, she was beaten with considerable gravity, so much so that Valeria must have gone to the hospital where she was cared for by wounds to both her mouth and head.

The model also indicated that one of the men not only settled on beating her, but also began to strangle her with such good fortune for the woman that one of the residents of the sector came to her aid, which led to the escape of the men.

Valeria Likianova, whose resemblance to the barbie doll is undeniable, follows some routines to accentuate its resemblance to the famous doll, among them are makeup or wearing intense green contact lenses.

She also performs a daily gymnastics routine and follows a special diet to stay thin and even breast implants were performed, although she points out that the rest of her body is natural.

The woman spoke at the time through social media to give some peace of mind to her followers stating that she was fine, albeit a little sore.

Police were unable to find the model’s assailants and the motives that might have led them to beat up the human barbie are unknown, although it is speculated that they may have been two men under the influence of narcotic substances.

The real human Barbie was hit
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