The referee who decided to deliver justice with a gun

Football is definitely a sport that arouses passions, mainly among fans and players who sometimes reach extremes of violence and aggression.

However, fortunately when the aggression occurs inside the court and the players try to overtake the referee controls the situation and imparts justice with the yellow cards and with the expulsion of one or more players themselves, but what would happen if the referee is the Aggressor?

When the referee is the aggressor

Well, such a situation occurred in the minor leagues of Brazilian football that decided to exchange the red cards for a hand gun.

It all happened at the end of 2015 during the course of a friendly match in the Belo Horizonte region when things began to turn into conflict as a result of a dubious fault that the referee considered serious to the point of expelling the player. Of course, the arbitral decision did not go well in the public or players, let alone the expelled one who began to criticise the referee.

With gun in hand

Immediately the judge of the contest, and without thinking too much, went to the dressing room and returned to the pitch with gun in hand to threaten and flee the player who was reproaching his arbitral decision and put order.

After the episode the local football federation stated that it would conduct the respective investigations, and disclosed that the man, apart from referee, also serves as a military policeman, which stated that everything had been in self-defense because it had been insulted and assaulted during the incident.

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The referee who decided to deliver justice with a gun
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