The safest seat on an airplane

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers did what was recognized as the first flight in history of an engine-powered, flight that lasted only 12 seconds and covered 36 and a half meters.

It is the most suitable place when traveling

From there began a marathon race of perfection of the instruments that, in time, improved the distances and flight times, to the point that it became more frequent as a means of transport.

However, along with the overcrowding also came the aeronautical accidents, which have been happening for the hundreds.

Still, and perhaps against everything we could think of, the plane is the safest transport system in the world to such an extent that those who board a plane with some kind of fear of an eventual accident should be much more afraid when boarding a car.

The reason is that the chance of dying in a car is one out of 112, while in the case of the plane the figure is dramatically reduced to the figure of one out of 8000, which is really low.

Still, and for those who would like to secure a lower percentage, there is revealing data based on a study conducted by Time magazine in which 17 accidents recorded between 1985 and 2000 were analyzed.

According to this study, the safest area is the rear with a mortality rate of 32%, followed by the front area with a mortality rate of 38%, and ends with the intermediate zone with a percentage of 39%.

Of course, choosing seats from one zone or another does not guarantee anything but, at least, according to the study, mathematically resonates the possibilities of perishing in the event of a disaster.

The safest seat on an airplane
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July 31, 2019

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