The Simpsons: Curious Facts About the Yellow Family

With more than twenty-five years on screen, millions of viewers around the world and hundreds of millions of dollars produced, The Simpsons is one of the most famous adult animated series of all time, since they were created by their producer Matt Groening.

His fame has been such that conspiracy pursuers have sometimes come to accuse this series and its creator of being linked to the Illuminati and other groups that believe themselves want to gain control of the human species.

However, beyond the myths or urban legends, the truth is that day by day there are hundreds of fans who join the following of the experiences of this yellow family, which according to most of their viewers has become a critical window to the real (d) of the typical American family.

Despite its fame, we are sure that there is some data that you completely don’t know about this series and its characters. That is why on this occasion we want to share some of these items, which will surely surprise you. Here are some curious facts about the family that revolutionized television screens:

About the physical characteristics of the Simpsons

One of the first facts we will reveal about these famous characters is about the color of their skin: yellow. There has been a lot of speculation in various forums and blogs on the internet.

However, the answer to this collective question may be simpler than is believed, because it seems – as the show’s creator himself revealed – the yellow color of this family is only because it was the color of the paper on which he drew them for the first  Time. However, we tell you that if you are interested in playing it digitally, it is RGB tone 255 / 217 / 15.

Another insight into the physical characteristics of these characters is that most, like their human father Matt Groening, are left-handed. Yes, even though ned Flanders is the one who promotes it the most, most of the inhabitants of Springfield are.

Continuing with the theme of the hands, we find another of the most commented data on the web about these characters: the number of fingers. Basically, all the characters in The Simpsons have just four fingers. The only one with five fingers is The character of God.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who believes that Homer is not a handsome guy, we tell you that according to this character’s driver’s license, he measures one seventy-six c centimeters in height, has blue eyes, and would be perfect for a magazine cover if he wasn’t bald weighceled c I’m eight kilos, that’s more than two hundred pounds.

About the ages of some Simpsons characters

We also tell you that Homer’s birthday, according to what marks his ID, is May 12, 1956, being the Taurus sign and counting to the date at 59 years of age, even though it doesn´t age.

Likewise, according to the most well-versed portals about this family, Bart was born on December 17, 1979, he is Sagittarius, even if it seems ten. Lisa, for her part, although she looks eight years old, was actually born on January 25, 1982, so she is from Capricorn sign.

As for Magggie, although she looks like a whole breast baby, according to the fans of the series was born on December 17, 1985, so she is Sagittarius like Bart (so she is likely to look more like her brother than Lisa).

Fun facts about the names of some Simpsons characters

On the other hand, if you like to fish for biographical data from the creators in their works, you’ll be pleased to know then that Matt Groening’s parents are called, just like husbands Simpsons, Marge and Homer.

As for their characters, most have not only one name, but two. For example, Homer’s middle name is Jay, Bart’s is Jo-Jo, not counting that his first first first first name is an anagram of the English word “Brat” meaning brat. As for Lisa, her middle name Marie, most associate with Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

As for other characters in the series, the full name of The Simpsons neighbor is Nedward Flanders. Also, the pets also have names, the dog is called “Santa’s helper”, the cat “Snowball” and the iguana of Selma and Patty is called Jub-Jub. Also the name of the city is not so far removed from reality, although there are several cities that respond to the name Springfield in the United States, you will be pleased to know that it was recreated in one of the cities where Matt Groening spent part of his childhood: Springfield, Oregon.

Other Curious Facts About The Simpsons

1.- Although it seems to you that creating a series of massive success can take you hundreds of hours, we told you that it took only fifteen minutes to draw them, doing it one day while waiting to enter a work meeting.

2.- If you are one of those who have been wanting to know what the cash register marks for years when Maggie passes, in the introduction of the series, we tell you that the figure that appears is US$ 847.63, which according to the connoisseurs was the average monthly spent by an American family in the upbringing of a young child in 1989.

3.- Likewise, The Simpsons is the series that has had the most famous guests, going so far as to present more than six hundred super famous stars.

4.- In 2009, for the celebration of the twenty years of The Simpsons, Marge Simpsons appeared as the protagonist of the cover of Playboy magazine, looking more sexy than ever.

5.- If you are one of the fans of this series, we tell you finally that you share this hobby with millions of people in the world, among which is the very queen of England, who a few years ago declared herself a faithful follower of the animated series.

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The Simpsons: Curious Facts About the Yellow Family
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September 18, 2019

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