The smallest primate on the planet

Nature is very wise in its creation and sometimes conceives creatures that dazzle us in every way; such is the case of a small animal known as tarsier.

It inhabits the rainforests

This primate inhabits some rainforests of the Philippines of Samar, Leyte and Mindanao. It reaches a maximum of 150 millimetres and has an extensive bone in the ankle. The name tarsier was attributed to it by the bones between his leg and metatarsals, which give him a very similar appearance to frogs.

Many people think it’s a monkey, but it’s a primate very similar to the lemur. The tarsier has close relatives, divided into three sub-species that are distributed on different islands of the Philippines.

This small animal has limbs that allow it to cling vertically, climb and move by jumping in its habitat and reaches jumping more than 2 meters high. It has nocturnal habits and lives in small groups formed of 2 to 6 specimens. A very curious fact is that they are monogamous. Male adults weigh 130 grams and females 110 grams. Males reach 9 to 15 cm and count the tail. can reach 25 centimeters.

Biological characteristics

They are carnivores; they feed on insects or small rodents and some very small reptiles. Its life expectancy in the wild is 10 years and 17 years, being in captivity. It is considered to be the mammal with the largest eye relative to its size.

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The smallest primate on the planet
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August 28, 2019

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