The smiles project of an orphaned child

The loss of a loved one as close as a mother, father, or child is devastating, even for adults. But, if for an adult it’s a strong experience, how much longer won’t it be for a child?

In difficult circumstances, great ideas emerge

Such is the case of Jaden Hayes, a town in the state of Georgia, Usa. Jaden was born in 2009 and when he was only 4 years old he lost his father, which involved a rather painful experience for the little one. However, the worst would be to come when two years later his mother died in his sleep and apparently from intoxication.

But in the midst of adversity Jaden knew how to recover and surprised everyone when he came up with the idea of making people smile. According to Jaden, people live very seriously and sadly, and they should smile more, so he embarked on a mission to make people laugh.

He told his aunt at night and they were left to discuss it in the morning. The boy woke her up at five in the morning to talk about the idea and after getting her support, she took to the streets to take pictures with people, but smiling. The modus operandi is simple: the child approaches a person, asks for a smile and offers small toys in return.

The initial idea was to complete 500 photos for his “smile experiment”, as Jaden likes to call his campaign, but the proposal far exceeded expectations because only on his first day he already had almost 300 photos and within a few days the boy expressed his idea of wearing (r) his plan to New York City.

And what to say about Facebook, where his project is already widely known and hundreds of people take photos in honor of the little boy who wanted to see everyone in the world smiling.

The smiles project of an orphaned child
Source: curiosities  
August 14, 2019

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