The sound that is driving humanity crazy

Some time ago there has been a strange buzz that has been called “The Hum” and that is apparently driving people crazy and the causes of this phenomenon are completely unknown.

A weapon of the secret rulers

It is a low-frequency hum that has been reported around the world and the greatest effects that this sound produces are sleep deprivation, madness a high degree of deconcentration.

This mysterious sound has been perceived by people in England, Scotland, New Mexico and most people who have heard it claim that this very low frequency sound invades the mind and in some cases can cause suicides thanks to desperation it produces in the human brain.

According to the victims of this strange event, the sound is much more disturbing at night and especially in enclosed places such as in the bedrooms of the houses.

The source of this mysterious phenomenon is untraceable, the most relevant study that has been made of the case is by Dr. Glen MacPherson who in 2012 was a victim of the buzz and dedicated himself to creating a database to collect the testimonies of the other victims s of the hum and to surprise him could see that throughout the globe have heard this thick sound, the database is called “The World Hum Map and Database”.

In addition to knowing the number of victims he was also able to confirm that the main effects of this sound were associated with irritability, anger, violence and even sleep deprivation.

Some scientists agree with the idea that this hum is sharper in areas that are highly industrialized and in other cases, may be the result of a biological accident caused by a submarine tracking mechanism, than the U.S. Navy Used.

As a result of the length of the wavelength, the lower frequencies are able to pierce huge structures such as buildings and mountains, spreading throughout the planet and through the ionsphere, it can penetrate the water of the oceans more than 40 meters from Depth.

But the most accurate theory regarding this phenomenon is the accumulation of hearing pollution since in recent decades the use of cell phones and state-of-the-art technologies has flooded 90 of cities worldwide.

The sound that is driving humanity crazy
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July 31, 2019

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