The story of Superman

There is no doubt that Superman is a milestone when it comes to superheroes, and many of us grew up watching the adventures of this man of steel who has captivated millions of people around the world, not only on the big screen, but in serials and comic strips. But let’s look at some of his story succinctly.

The Man of Steel and His Origins

Superman is an alien who comes from the planet Kripton. Her real parents are Lara and Jor El. But due to the destruction of the planet, he was sent on a spaceship with hyperlight propulsion to Earth. So he could save his life from the destruction of Kripton, but his parents did die.

Upon arriving on this planet, he was found by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent and adopted as his son Clark. The young Kryptonian lived in Smallville, as if he were a normal person, unaware of his origins, but at the age of eight he began to show his skills and super powers.

The most surprising thing happened at 17, when he realized he could fly. But Clark Kent knew nothing about why of his extra normal abilities and one day, in a football game, he took advantage of his powers to win. Jonathan then confessed to him how he was found and took him to see the ship. Therefore, the young man reflected on his great responsibility and decided to hide his powers from others. Although soon after, I confess it to his first love: Lana Lang.

When he was 18 years old, he left his land and toured several continents helping people, adopting a secret personality. Nearly 22, he enrolled at Metropolis University where he graduated as a Journalist.

He met another reporter named Luisa Lane and she in one of her articles, gave her the name Superman, which he took advantage of and chose to have two lives: that of reporter Kent, in the Newspaper El Planeta; and that of the super hero who at 28 learns that he comes from Kripton, thanks to a recording of JorEl. Superman became one of the strongest and brightest superheroes of all.

Eventually, he fell in love with Luisa Lane whom he married and all the time he had to face Lex Luthor, his main arch-enemy. Kryptonite was his sharpest weakness and also to stray far from the Sun, from which he receives all his powers.

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The story of Superman
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