The story of the hen girl

It seems that human beings are able to commit serious cruelties, for to show that there are parents who abandon their children because they are not physically or mentally normal.

Such is the case of María Isabel Quaresma Dos Santos, a girl who was 9 years old when she was found in a chicken coop located in Tábua, a small town in Portugal.

Her mind and body adapted to the idea of being a hen

Mary was imprisoned by her mother Idalina Quaresma, who had serious mental problems and felt that the child was not family, even though she had fathered her herself. Idalina had three more children, but they had a normal childhood, attended school and helped with farm work.

In most cases of abandonment, children who live several years with animals, adopt their sounds and customs, and completely disappear the characteristic traits of humans.

Mary was discovered by a religious who frequented the place, in deplorable conditions: with marked symptoms of malnutrition; walked like a hen waving his arms all the time, as if he had wings.

He did not speak, but communicated through strange sounds that he emitted with difficulty. His handymen were very hurt with painful calluses, because he had never walked vertically and for several years, consumed the same food they gave to the hens, which is why brain damage that he did not have since birth was caused.

A renowned radiologist interned Mary for examination and examination by doctors, thereby checking whether the damage was reversible; but to her surprise, the scientists’ solution was to return her to her parents.

Years later, after lengthy complaints and demands, this young woman entered a mental sanatorium in the city of Lisbon, where she has been held to this day, without having any life expectancy or a medical diagnosis that can be treated.

The story of the hen girl
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July 28, 2019

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