The strange rains of things and animals: fish, frogs, snakes

In the world there are very strange and atypical phenomena that we would hardly think or believe to happen. And yet they do. One of the most enigmatic, although some people claim to have some explanation, are the rains of different kinds of things.

Impossible to believe but true

Something that is very difficult to imagine, but that has been recorded in various places of the world, are the rains of things that are not water, such as fish, amphibians, shells and others that we will show you in this video.

In England, exactly in Dilhome, massively it rained everywhere shells. Analysis of these concluded that it is a species from the Philippines, but it does not explain why they fell from the sky.

Although it is not to be believed, evidence of strange rains of toads and frogs has been obtained. Scientists explain this by arguing that due to extreme wind currents, frog eggs and even tadpoles, they fly and stay days in the firmament.

In New York, in 1978 a rain of worms astonished all citizens and they could never understand the causes of this phenomenon.

But in Memphis, a century earlier, in 1877, no mere worms fell from the sky, but rained snakes, in the style of the plagues of Egypt or the Apocalypse. Most of them were almost 45 meters long, but fortunately they were not poisonous.

As human beings live in boring routines every day, we think the world has nothing to amaze us. However, the world seems to be very different from what we think is in the big cities. Actually, on planet Earth and in the infinite Universe, things happen that we can’t give logical explanation and best of all, is that there are too many phenomena.

As we see, this type of phenomenon happens in different places in the world, so if on your next outing you come before some other kind of rain, do not despair, it is something that usually happens, and hopefully it is rain of money.

The strange rains of things and animals: fish, frogs, snakes
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July 28, 2019

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