The strangest eclipse in history

Many eclipses, of all kinds, duration, shapes and colors have been presented in the history of the Earth. But one of the rarest turns out to be the “hybrid solar eclipse,” which according to experts in astrophysics, after Christ only seven have been presented.

H3 Category

To this kind of phenomenon, Nasa has been categorized into a category called H3. The last was presented on 3 November 2013, which was visible between the areas between equatorial Africa and the North Atlantic.

But it is called a hybrid, because at the same time a partial eclipse develops, which on this occasion, could be seen throughout America, in the Middle East and in the south of the European continent. Two relevant eclipses in one day. At the end of November 3, a solar eclipse occurred at dusk.

It all started with a singular-type eclipse and ended with a total eclipse; on that occasion, our Moon satellite moved in its direction, which is equivalent to traveling on average, 13.600 kilometers.

The Lunar Tetrad

But beyond all doubt, one of the strangest eclipses in history is in which four of them are synthesized. This is the blood moon tetrad. These occurred in 2014 and 2015. For many scholars of paranormal phenomena and mysteries, these astronomical events symbolize a series of prophecies about the end of time.

One of the curiosities of the blood tout is that they were total moon eclipses: they consist of an interposition of our planet between the Moon and the Sun. No less strange, apart from its proximity and sequence in dates, is that they specifically presented theself in four Jewish holidays of great importance to that religion. In history, too few such events have been recorded.

The exact dates on which they occurred were: 15 April 2014; October 8 of that year; 4, 2015 and finally, on September 28, 2015.

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The strangest eclipse in history
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August 31, 2019

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