The strangest world records

The Guiness Records bring together a number of characters, scenarios and rather extravagant and curious circumstances. Some of the most eccentric ones we can find are the following:

The Scorpion Eater

It is the Smite Majed Al Malki, who is able to stuff several scorpions into his mouth. He won the record for eating 22 scorpions in just a couple of minutes.

The Record of the Highest Weight Held by a Head

It seems incredible, but a man’s head can withstand whole tons. This is the case of John Evans, who was able to hold a vehicle with only his head, for a good number of seconds.

The Magnet Man

As if taken from “X Men”, Etibar Elchiyev has a strange ability to magnetically attract metals, just as a powerful magnet does. The title he earned was ‘the most spoons in a human body’, in 2011.

The highest number of eggs standing

Although it seems easy to lay an egg as if it were standing, it really isn’t. A special magic of Brian Spotts, an American, can keep the eggs upright, without any supports or bases. The record came from doing this with 420 eggs.

The world’s largest aquarium

Singapore is home to the world’s largest aquarium, which has more than 800 varieties of fish and nearly 80,000 animals of all of them. Its average water level is 43 million liters.

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The strangest world records
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September 18, 2019

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