The Triangle of the Dragon or Devil’s Sea

Much has been said about the famous Bermuda Triangle; however, there is a place not so popularly known, but much more fearsome: it is the “Triangle of the Dragon”.

Portals into other dimensions

It is located in Japan and like Bermuda, it also forms a triangle by a line that makes it up, from northern Tokyo to some extent in the Pacific Ocean, returning to the east and crossing the Ogasawara and Guam islands, where it finally climbs back to Tokyo. A perfect triangle, quite energetic and very enigmatic.

It is also known as “The Devil’s Sea” and thousands of years ago, the Japanese know about this mysterious site. They called it Ma-no-Umi. Many fishermen in these surroundings claim that several of them have been brutally killed by sea demons and devilish dragons that rise from the seabed and devour entire vessels.

This area has been listed as one of the most seismic on the planet, since the seabed lives in continuous renewal. It is so surprising that specific area, that geologists say that islets and landmasses, emerge and disappear, long before they can take some cartography.

There are countless cases of mass disappearances in the Devil’s Sea, or Dragon Triangle, mainly navy ships of several nations, who have tried to explore and investigate the mystery, but have never returned.

The different studies that have been obtained show a high level of magnetism, too similar to the Bermuda Triangle and higher than any other area of the Earth.

Several ancient Japanese legends, claim that beneath the Devil’s Sea, there is a kingdom where time is stopped and demons and dragons are living that come out to devour islands, planes and boats, and then disappear into that strange submerged world.

The Triangle of the Dragon or Devil’s Sea
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July 31, 2019

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