The True Adventure Hour Story

The animated adventure-hour television series, created by Pendleton Ward and broadcast on the cartoon network, in the United States and throughout Latin America, is perhaps one of the most famous series of the moment. It has numerous followers worldwide and not only children, but also teenagers and adults are interested in this particular animated series.

Strange messages

The series stars a boy named Finn. So did Jake, a dog with shape-shifting super powers, like growing up and shrinking. They live in a land called Ooo, which is particularly a post-apocalyptic place. The story also features several secondary characters such as the sweet princess; Marceline Abadeer who is the queen of vampires and The ice King, or the ice king in Latin America.

According to its creator, a long time ago in the land of Ooo, there was an event that was called the “War of Fungi”; It is held that these fungi are the representation of the mushroom-shaped clouds, which form from a nuclear explosion.

After this war, life returned to the ooo land, but with mutated creatures and horrifying forms. Most chapters refer to a missing civilization known as the civilization of the background. In the intro of the famous series you can see shattered buildings, abandoned carts, debris and unexploded atomic bombs.

There is also much speculation about the origin of the two secondary protagonists of the story, as Marceline and the ice king are rumored to be the only survivors of the fungal war, as some humans managed to survive for a while, but died of starvation or mutated.

Interestingly this series has been analyzed by scholars, considering that despite being very innocent, its plot is quite complex and contains subliminal messages that are not evidenced with the naked eye, but are contained in two-way phrases, or images set at an extremely fast speed. And the success of this series may be the result of a complex global manipulation plan, conspiracy analysts say.

The True Adventure Hour Story
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July 3, 2019

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