The true story of Chupacabras

Many theories are woven around this being that is the terror of peasants, mainly in the United States, the Central and South America, however, nothing is yet known for sure.

The vampire of animal origin, better known as the chupacabras… a mysterious being that has reportedly had a predilection for goats, although attacks on dogs and sheep have also been recorded; leaves deep, tiny wounds on the throats of his victims, unlike Dracula or any other known vampire.

This unusual and terrifying “monster” sucks all of his victim’s blood, even causing his death and sometimes also removes some organs without damaging some other tissue, but apparently pulls them out through the tiny holes it makes.

Much has been speculated about the origin of the Chupacabras, although most scientists have deduced that they are only wild dogs attacking herds, or a genetic mutation of the panthers; Likewise, he has repeatedly been associated with extraterrestrial beings who come to do experiments on animals, but no one has been able to confirm it. In the 1990s, peasants from the rich coast supposedly managed to capture a, but the scientists who analyzed that horrible corpse deduced that it was only a wild dog with a strange genetic mutation.

Most of the victims are in central and southern America, where there have been many attacks, which have rarely been seen, such as cuts in the ears of goats, as if they were made by some kind of laser.

The animals attacked, the immense footprints that have been recorded in the place of the facts and the few bloodstains, are the only evidence of the existence of a predator that could well be a demon, an alien, a new species human experiment, animal, a mutation of some feline, or the result of radioactive contamination.

We don`t know well, what is the origin of this being, but the only sure thing is that it has become a famous urban legend around the world.

The true story of Chupacabras
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October 31, 2019

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