The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Surelly we’ve all heard and seen once the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, which is one of the infallible in universal literature and a classic of children’s stories.

However, the true story wasn´t as sweet as it has come to this day. The original tale really belonged to the oral tradition of several European peoples, including Germany and Italy, who had several versions of it.

But it was Charles Perrault, a French writer, who first published the short story of Little Red Riding Hood in 1697. Of course, in the initial versions the wolf makes him drink the blood and eat the flesh of the grandmother to Little Riding Hood.

Mythologically lycanthropy has accompanied humanity for centuries. Wolves exist, but they are hidden behind children’s stories told and written as fantasy tales.  Since the mid-18th century the history of Little Riding Hood has been modified to be suitable for all audiences.

The course of history was drastically changed, and beyond being a bloody account, it became a doctrinal account whose morality teaches us not to obey the elders and not to speak to unknown people.

Apparently, Perrault himself began to sweeten the tale so that it would be “readable” by the inhabitants of those times. However, to this day has come not only the account of lycanthropy, but that of bestiality, for in one of the versions the wolf incites Riding Hood to rise on top of him for the clear purpose of having sex.

Little Riding Hood tells him she wants to urinate, but the wolf tells her to urinate on her. It is also worth highlighting the option that Little Riding Hood has to take two paths: that of the needles or that of the pins, which in itself tells us enough of the kind of black literature very own and usual of the Middle Ages.

It would be the Grimm brothers who turn the story definitively into a sweet version suitable for children, including a happy ending in which a hunter manages to arrive in time to save both Little Riding Hood and her grandmother.

The original writer of the short story Charles Perrault, also author of many short stories, well known worldwide; among them are “Pulgarcito”, “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty”. It is very obvious that Perrault, despite being so frivolous in his writings, always leaves a moral of modesty for young women by inciting them not to trust strangers.

The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood
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