The true story of Mafalda

Mafalda debuted in Argentina, in a comic strip for the magazine “Primera Plana”, on September 29, 1964.

Quino, its author

It was a creative invention of Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known in the show as Quino, who says that in reality his drawing was going to be the brand of Mansfield, an Argentine appliance company, but finally the business did not take place and a year later, released it as the comic book that is now known. To that end, the editor of ‘Primera Plana’, Julián Delgado, contributed considerably.

Over the years, the comic was becoming so popular that it was bought by the newspaper El Mundo, from 1965 to 1967. His arguments have been translated into more than 25 languages and he has established himself as a symbol of the battle against social inequity.

But not only is Mafalda popular, but the other characters are also widely accepted by readers. Manolito, for example, is known for being a good seller; Susanita, a girl with a lot of hypocrisy; Felipito, a conscious citizen and Miguelito, an intellectual rascal.

The end of Mafalda

The time passed and Mafalda became a member of the Argentinian family. But the bliss did not last long, because in the 73 quino decided to release the last comic book, exhibited in the weekly Seven Days. According to the author, it was very difficult not to fall into the repetition with the plot of each of the characters, when several years have passed.

Despite this, the character’s success continued and his comic strips continue to be reproduced in various media throughout the world, as well as large numbers of objects alluding to it, such as dolls, accessories, glasses, T-shirts and so on. This has allowed almost 40 years after being discontinued, now globally known.

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The true story of Mafalda
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