The True Story of The Spell

The film The Conjuring, also known as the Warren file in Spain, released in 2013, and which became known in the world for its horror scenes and plot, curiously was not only fiction, but its plot is inspired by the reale facts s that happened on a farm in Harrisville, Rhod Island, In the United States.

La verdadera historia de El conjuro

A terrifying experience

The Perron family went there looking to buy a property, and managed to make themselves to the Arnold estate, what they did not know was that such an event would dramatically change their lives.

The Perron family was formed like this: Roger Perron, his wife Carolyn and their five daughters: Annie, Nancy, Christine, Cindy and April, and moved to Harrisville in the winter of 1970 looking for some peace and quiet in the countryside.

However, shortly after moving there, not only would they not lead a quiet life, but, as the Perron family itself would demonstrate, they suffered the torture of the spirits there for a little more than ten years.

The Perron family would learn over time that more than 8 generations of families had lived and died there, including tragically among those who are suicides, poisonings, rape and murder of children, etc.

At first the ghosts were a little friendly, they could hear the way around the house, they kissed the girls good night, pushed the carts and other toys, or swed the kitchen so that Mrs. Perron could find the piles of dust in the center of the  kitchen, waiting to be deposited in the trash can. At other times they made levitate beds or other objects that were then thrown against the floor

Many was another spirit and the Perron believed it was the Spirit Johny Arnold and who had now hung himself from one of the beams of the house. This spirit used to appear to girls and observe their daily activities or watch them silently while playing.

But the thing doesn’t end there, and some spirits from the Arnold mansion were even more aggressive and even demonic and, apparently, even got to the point of raping the girls. At other times they pinched them at night, or pulled them by the hair, the doors closed theself, another cried all night or martyred the girls telling them that 8 soldiers had been buried on the wall.

However, the scariest thing was one that had no human form. His face looked like a beehive covered in cobwebs and covered the body of worms crawling down it. It was Bathsheba Sherman; Apparently it was a witch who did satanic rituals and had hanged herself in one of the trees of the farm, near the barn. His neck tilted to one side and the other as if he had fractured and, according to the Perrons, everything was filled with a nauseating smell as it became present.

This witch had apparently even killed a child in sacrifice to the devil, and several of her children did not go from childhood. In the house, the witch even came to slap Carolyn or beat her with various objects, threatened to set her on fire and, towards the end, tried to take her body by force.

That’s where the Perrons couldn’t take it anymore and called two paranormal freak investigators. It was Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren. However, things would not go well, everything got worse and Roger Perron ended up urging the Warrens to leave the site.

It was finally in 1980 that the family finally left the house in which, only because of their difficult economic situation, they had lived for 10 years.

The True Story of The Spell
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June 30, 2019

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