The True Story of Winnie Pooh

Winnie Pooh is an animated character produced by Walt Disney and whose origin dates back to 1914 when a lieutenant bought a small bear he called Winnie in the small Canadian town of White River and went to the London Zoo where he would die 20 years later.

The origin of the friendly bear

At that time the son of the British writer Alan Alexander Mine visited the zoo where the animal lived and became so fond of him that he adapted it for his short stories, which some describe as a philosophical cut rather than a child’s dye.

The forest in which he lived at that time became the forest of a hundred Acres where Winnie lived in a house built inside a tree and accompanied in his adventures by other animals such as Tigger, Pork, Owl, Rabbit, Mole and others.

Walt Disney buys rights

Over time, Walt Disney ended up buying the rights to the character and was like the most charming bear in the hundred-acre forest achieved worldwide fame. In 1966 the first film was made: Winnie Pooh and the Honey Tree, which would be followed by many more reaching in 2000 a $45 million box office with the Tigger Film, one of the famous characters in the short stories.

An important revelation

At the end of 2015, a major announcement was made in which, contrary to what had always been thought, Winnie was not a bear, nor was he of British origin, but was really a bear that had been killed by a hunter rescued Lieutenant and later Canadian Colonel Harry Colebourn buying it for $20 of the time.

The True Story of Winnie Pooh
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August 31, 2019

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