The truth about chicunguña virus, or chikungunya

At the same time that the Ebola virus was ravaging Sierra Leone and Europe towards the end of 2014, in Latin America another evil afflicted the population, mainly those living in warm areas. It was the chicunguña virus, which causes a fever of the same name that, according to health authorities such as the Pan American Organization, came to stay.

chicunguña, chikungunya

It has claimed the lives of many people in the world

The virus, which is transmitted by the same mosquito that transmits dengue, was first identified in Tanzania in 1952, however, until 2014 it was not present in Latin America.

However, it is rare that it is not mentioned in the media how it came to America. The answer would be that by migrating the mosquito, however, it is very strange that only more than half a century later it has arrived and in such pandemic form.

The conspiracy theorists do not hesitate to say that it has not been a mosquito, but that it has been an artificially developed virus. Even some claim to have seen people in the early morning fumigating in areas where the presence of the virus would later be detected.

What is striking is that as soon as the virus gained strength when they began to appear all kinds of products to combat the virus or to repel the mosquito. Some suppose that it is a plan hatched within the same health organizations, and that the virus would have been developed with mere commercial objectives, to sell medical products, repellents, antidotes, vaccines, et cetera.

Be that as it may, it seems that the population, mainly those who live in the Caribbean and coastal areas, will have to resign themselves to living with a new evil, this time at the hands of the chicunguña.

The truth about chicunguña virus, or chikungunya
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June 30, 2019

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