The truth about the Charlie Charlie game

Apparently, the game that went so viral in a short time, called “Charlie Charlie”, that it even alarmed parents and entire communities, was just an advertising campaign by Bro Warners, to promote their latest film showing the Game.

A game that caught a lot of children all over the world

The film is called ‘The Gallows’ and shows the story of a game similar to the ouija board, which consists of placing two pencils on a sheet, in a cross position and at each end, the words YES and NO. People were so tingled to such an extent that they thought that when they asked, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

This in addition to highlighting the great hypnotic power of advertising, also the power of the mind, since in many places where children and teens tried, they say that the pencils literally moved.

But this reached such an extent that in several places there were countless cases of nervous breakdowns in the young, attributed to the so-called ghosts and demons. As if that weren’t enough, there was even talk of possession cases.

However, given the expectation of the famous dark game, before it became known that it was only an advertising campaign, religious and clerics of different faiths stated that such invocations that seem childish, may open doors and cause a lot of damage to those who dare to use them.

According to Media scholars, mass entertainment plays an unimaginable role in collective thinking and behavior. Because of the news that developed about it, the belief in it and the alleged cases of possession everywhere increased enormously.

Everyone speculated about Charlie. There were those who said he was a child who had committed suicide; others, who had suffered an accident and there were even those who said that it was a pagan deity of Mexico, who was now allied with the devil.

The truth about the Charlie Charlie game
Source: curiosities  
July 27, 2019

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