The ugliest dogs in the world

In Nortamérica, the contests where canines demonstrate their beauty, are well known. But in this particular contest, prizes are awarded to the ugliest dogs. In California, USA, this contest of unpleasant dogs is held, but with a curious naturalness.

The press manager by the organization, stated that in reality it does not matter the lineage, but the beauty inside along with an exclusive personality. “The purpose of this event is to applaud imperfection and raise awareness of adoption, regardless of the physical attributes of animals,” he added.

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For its strange appearance they mistake it for a Tasmanian demon or an abominable hyena. It’s an abandoned dog in a shelter from a puppy, but luck smiled at it when a vet found it in its wake and decided to adopt it.


It is a specimen of the rarest, generated by experiments of crosses between chihuahuas and shi tzu. But its weird appearance got worse when it was burned and was left with sequels such as baldness and spots all over its body.


A dog of Chinese crested breed, with a very pronounced baldness. It’s too thin and as fragile as porcelain. It has a very peculiar moustache and trembles constantly.


Directly from New Jersey, the result of a cross between a Chinese crested and chihuahua. They’ve used it as a symbol for acceptance campaigns.


Another interesting Chinese crested of the ugliest in the world. It is a breed that lacks hair and is of the species of these characteristics, smallest in the world. They measure about 32 centimeters.

The contest was attended by 27 dogs, who, among other things, give us a great lesson about appearances, as they can be unfriendly to everyone’s eye, but in reality they are wonderful beings who are always willing to give us their love and companionship .

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The ugliest dogs in the world
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