The unexpected end of a playboy bunny

We often think that big celebrities don’t get an extraordinary or unusual accident, which are protected like a bubble. However, this is not always the case, and the story of Anna Nicole, a well-known playboy model is one such case.

A random life

Anna was born in Houston in 1967 and led a random life. As a child she was abandoned by her father, in her teens she worked as a waitress and in 1985, at the age of 17 she married Billy Smith, with whom she had her son Daniel, who would die in 2006 from a deadly cocktail of drugs , including methadone. The marriage was short-lived and Anna began working as an erotic dancer in order to support her son’s upbringing.

The beginning of stardom

However, the model’s fortunes would change when she arrived in the well-known Playboy magazine, being chosen as the playmate of March and May 1992, as well as the playmate of the year. Soon Guess magazine in one of its issues featured her as Claudia Schiffer’s successor. In May of that same year she reappeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and even became considered the new Marilyn Monroe.

A strange death

The woman’s fate seemed to change and be swayed by stardom. However, life would have an unexpected end in store for him. At the beginning of 2007, while at the Hard Rock Café, the woman fainted from an overdose of the same medication that a year ago took her child’s life. After the fainting there was vomit, with such unlucky luck that it ended up drowning her.

But not here for the question, for the woman literally ran out of a place to be buried because her sentimental partner and her mother, each for her part, filed legal remedies about where she would be buried. The model’s family argued that her last will was to be buried alongside Marilyn Monroe, her greatest idol. Her partner, for her part, explained that she wanted to be buried with Daniel, her late son.

An embalmed corpse

Thus, and after a court order, on 18 February, 10 days after his death, the corpse proceeded to be embalmed to comply with the legal procedure and, finally, after revealing proof of a note in which the woman expressed her desire to remain with her son, the woman was buried on March 2, almost a month later.

Image source: (Ana Nicole Smith)

The unexpected end of a playboy bunny
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August 31, 2019

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