The universe a hundred thousand billion years from now

I’m sure many of us would like to know what our planet Earth will look like in the future, and what will happen to the Sun, the solar system, our milky road, and the universe itself. Well, in this article you will be able to know in a summary the most important events that will happen in the future and what our universe will look like in one hundred billion years.

A future few imagine

To imagine what will happen in a hundred billion years in our Universe, the first thing we must know is the current age of it: it is estimated at about 13 thousand to 14 billion years. Therefore, the figure we intend to project to the future is quite distant.

According to the experts in Astro Physics, by then the Earth would have disappeared a long time ago, because our Sun increased in size and absorbed it. It is believed that this will happen in 5 billion years and that in fact, by the date we are thinking, there will not even be the Sun that enlightens us.

Similarly, “the Milky Way” will have merged with its neighbor Andromeda and even other nearby galaxies, becoming one of the largest, where the other smaller galaxies revolve around it as if they were satellites.

By that time, we won’t be able to observe galaxies other than our own and their satellites, because the others will have become too far apart to be able to see them, since the Universe is expanding more and more and the stars are separated directly Proportional.

That is why today’s official Science believes that the aliens who live by those times, will think that they are alone in the Universe and will not know the dark matter and since the background radiation will be gone, they will never come up with the Big B theory Ang.

The universe a hundred thousand billion years from now
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July 20, 2019

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