The Valley of Death and the Enigma of Floating Stones

In California, the United States is a famous place known as the Valley of Death characterized by having floating stones that move 400 meters without human or animal intervention, and in its displacement leave a fairly pronounced trace on the Soil. The stones move every two years and the footprints they leave usually last four years.

Unexplained Mysteries on Earth

It is impossible that it is men who move these stones because access to that area is forbidden, the valley of death is the driest and most arid place in all of North America there its name.

There has been much speculation about why these large stones move back and forth leaving the scientific community stunned, a few years ago they were said to move because of seismic activity.

This phenomenon is also attributed to movements caused by the action of ice and wind. But all these speculations were ruled out because on the planet winds of such intensity cannot occur, that they are capable of dragging stones of such magnitude.

The valley of death is located on many tectonic faults, in which magnetic attractions are stronger and magma movements are more superficial than elsewhere on Earth, repeatedly this has been associated with the movement of the s stones but this theory hasn´t been tested because generally, the rocks are mobilized in a straight line in a perfect and almost premeditated way.

The inclination of the terrain, the small floods in winter, the force of gravity, the cracks in the ground by erosion, extraterrestrial intervention, countless theories envelop this mysterious event that for the inhabitants of the area are nothing but the spiritual essences of the ancient warrior Indians, who for some reason were trapped inside these mysterious stones.

The Valley of Death and the Enigma of Floating Stones
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July 31, 2019

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