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One of nature’s greatest crafts is a web. Its design and manufacture are finely carried out, that even the best machine in the world could not imitate such perfection.

The Enigmatic World of Spiders

It is astonishing the mystery that surrounds one of the simplest and most common things in life: a web. But at the same time so complex that the silk that ejects the spider from its abdomen is much stronger than a steel rope of the same thickness, more the advantage of being several times more elastic, and even more elastic than any material that is obtained on the market and on the other  little, is several times thinner than one of our hairs, with a huge capacity for adhesion.

Just as there are different kinds of arachnids, so there are also multiplicity of cobweb shapes. Obviously, each shape varies depending on the species of spider. The most common is a network that serves as a hunter trap, but there are exotic and very particular designs.

For example, a class called “Gladiator Spider” uses a system very similar to spiderman; as soon as he sees a provocative victim, he throws his sticky deadly net on his paws at all times. It’s foolproof.

Another particular arachnid fabric is of the so-called “Black Widows”, which produce a fabric with a structure worthy of all admiration for wherever it is looked. This is curtain-shaped, with their vertically extended threads trapping all kinds of insects, which at the same moment of falling into the trap, are mortally attacked with a lethal sting.


Scientists and scholars have also been drawn to these cobwebs. Several European universities have studied the materials and constituentsubstances of this silk and found that it has medicinal powers due to a group of special proteins that make up it, more specifically classified as “spidroins”.

But these scientists have not only discovered medicinal uses, but also intend to manufacture similar materials for the industry, based on the detailed discovery of the structural protein order.

According to academics in the field, if it were possible to artificially copy the manufacture of the cobwebs with all its elements, materials of great use would be obtained in many sectors, especially in reconstructive or regenerative medicine.

In many cultures around the world, people use spider web to heal some wounds, as it helps clot bleeding and heals by completely closing the wound. And this because these threads are extremely antimicrobials that protect the wound from infections and hence, the interest of medicine also for surgical operations. Another curious fact is that it does not dissolve with alcohol.

Its healing power is due to the web being coated with a kind of fungi, which in turn contain antibiotics, so that microorganisms cannot eat the web, which as has already been said, is too rich in protein.

Right now, the pharmaceutical industries in their globalist climb, work intensely generating elements such as sutures, healing creams, masks of all kinds, in addition to the large industries that began manufacturing recently materials with these arachnid properties such as biodegradable fishing liners, etc.

However, it is well worth questioning whether Nature without modifications of any species, provides the human being with one hundred percent natural and effective medicine, or whether it is really necessary to try to copy what has already been created and adulterate it for experimental purposes, artificial substances and products, which may no longer have purely natural properties.

Multiple applications can be seen knowing in essential material these works of art of nature. The textile industry has also launched into research to generate exclusive and novel materials with never-before-seen properties, which would serve for example, to design ultra-flexible clothing.

Military research is not left behind. Some powers, such as the United States, Russia and China, have managed to artificially obtain fibers from amino acids in an aqueous solution, eventually producing a biosynthetic yarn with properties similar to that of the most potent spiders.

These constituent amino acids of the proteins with which the cobwebs are made, are mainly Glycine and Alanine. The latter come out of the glands that most spiders have in their abdomen, called spinners.

Military scientists say that if possible it is possible to develop a web with these properties, but thick as a pencil, it would be possible to stop a Boeing 747 aircraft at full throttle.

And it is not for less, because another of the primordial characteristics of these sedas, is that they can stretch up to 30% more than their original length, without risk of breakage. Therefore, of all the studies developed in all eras, it has been concluded that one of the strongest materials that exist are cobwebs.

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