The woman who shoots arrows with her feet

In the world of circus acrobatics there are undoubtedly numbers and presentations that really draw attention and not inferior to the acts in which men are shot through the air, especially for their originality, is the act of shooting arrows, but not of the way conventional, but with her feet.

An artist like no other, on one occasion discovered that she possessed a magical ability to bend her body, in spectacular positions and among those acrobatics she was trying, also showed that she could shoot an arrow only using her feet and hit the target, with a perfect aim.

She is Lilia Stepanova, an interesting woman from Moldova, in Europe. when she was only 25 years old, she stole the show on various stages around the world,developing acrobtics bending her body in an extreme way. There has been so much recent popularity, that in the eightth edition of “American Idol”, it was presented to mass audiences.

But without a doubt, the acrobatics that has hit the most, is that of her perfect shot of an arrow, standing in her hands and holding the bow with her feet and wimming it with her fingers. An exclusive act with a great level of difficulty. Lilia, who currently resides in Las Vegas, believes that her amazing abilities have been acquired from her parents. She says that one day, when she was walking with her family, she came up with the day to practice her talents and draw the attention of all who appreciated her.

But Dominique Martins, she’s another woman who’s quite adept at this art of shooting arrows with her feet. But this time she does it by throwing it at an iPhone and holding on to two conitos. Of course, in order not to damage your cellular device, she uses rubber arrows and she must contort it precisely.

Martins belongs to the team of a circus called Re Tri, whose specialty is the riskiest and most eccentric stunts of the normal.

The woman who shoots arrows with her feet
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July 20, 2019

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