The woman who speaks the world’s fastest

Surely we have all known at least one person who pronounces words so quickly that sometimes we may even lose the thread of the conversation. However, nothing we have heard surpasses the fastest speaking woman in the world.

Her name is Fran Capo, a multifaceted woman who was born in New York, USA, and is a writer, comedian and actress, among other occupations.

She is currently inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records with a mark of 603 words in 54 seconds, which means a figure of more than 10 words per second, something truly impressive and undoubtedly impossible to achieve for an average person.

Her pronunciation is so fast that you couldn’t really tell if it’s a fast-forwarding video. Fran has a special ability for language but, apart from that, she says she does a series of exercises to achieve such speed. Her ability, on the other hand, is due to hyperfunctionality in the drill area, the area where language is produced.

In people who have some damage in that area, just the opposite occurs, and well, they do not speak or their speech becomes very slow, as much as the severity of their damage.

To achieve such speed Fran performs a series of routine exercises that allow her to maintain her level. However, if this is impressive, it is no less amazing that Fran is able to understand words faster than she pronounces them. Quite a woman’s prodigy.

And how many words can you say in 10 seconds? Congratulations on reaching 40, which means you can pronounce supremely fast, at a speed of 4 words per second.

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The woman who speaks the world’s fastest
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December 25, 2019

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