The woman with the longest nails in the world

Every woman likes to have a very well-groomed nail and adorn them with all kinds of reasons, apart from having them long. But beware, when one woman tells another that she has long nails surely not beyond three centimeters. However, this is not how the woman with the longest nails in the world understands this.

They’re impressively long

Professional singer in a rock band; a mother, grandmother, and 50-year-old, this New York-born woman has been listed by the Guinness Records book as “The Living Person With the Longest Handnails in the World.” His name is Chris Walton.

Chris in the art world is known as the “Duchess” and, about 20 years ago, he stopped cutting his fingernails, because he liked to see them long, but that taste already transcended the limits of everyday life, as they reached 3.1 meters in his hand 2.92 meters in his right hand.

According to her, this has not prevented her from leading a normal life, as she takes care of her grandchildren and does home cleaning normally, but does not rule out that sometimes she is very in the way.

Nails apparently grow vertically, but this is false because Chris, having them so long, has been able to show that the nails acquire spiral, rounded and curved shapes and come to form strange figures due to their long size. She takes care of her nails and has been doing this hard work for more than 20 years, cleaning, cleaning and painting them.

Chris, who enjoys this title thanks to the Guinnes Records, claims that he texts with his mobile and that he even wears makeup on his own. How long are your nails? I bet if you’re a man and you’ve got them two millimetres, you’re already thinking they’re okay to cut.


The woman with the longest nails in the world
Source: curiosities  
July 20, 2019

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