The woman with the thinnest waist in the world

Every woman likes to have a thin waist, and that’s fine, as long as she doesn’t exceed the limits, thus also breakingthe point of the aesthetic and becoming something that will surely not be so pleasant.

The woman with the thinnest waist in the world

She went to the extreme

However, Cathie Jung, a 77-year-old woman, obsessed with a tiny waistband from a young age, does not think the same way.To achieve her goal, this woman used a tight corset, a garment that is widely used to stylize and shape the human figure, whether for aesthetic or medical reasons.

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This garment is very old, because for centuries it has accompanied the image of men and women around the world. And not to be a little, he also removed a few ribs to achieve his macabre goal.

For 20 years she has been using the corset 24 hours a day and has managed to reduce her waistline markedly. There are those who claim that it is unsightly and that it looks very abnormal, but she is proud and happy to be only 38 centimetres deep, a figure that can sometimes be envious of many women who want to own their figure, but at what price?

She has been listed by the Guinness Records book as the smallest-waisted woman in the world. She lives in Connecticut today and is married to a surgeon, with whom she has conceived three children. Since 1985, this woman wears a corset permanently and only takes it off for bathing.

There is a trend well known worldwide for extreme changes in figure and posture with the use of corsets; it is called the “Tightlacing” and of course this lady is one of her greatest exponents. People who practice this rare hobby are known as “Tightlacers”.

Cathie claims that she can breathe without problem and that her digestive system works perfectly, even though she has undergone a number of modifications due to the little space left in the abdominal cavity.For this reason you have to ingest small amounts of food and mostly healthy, to prevent a possible weight gain that affects your much-treasured waist.

According to her, her whole body is in harmony, but it is evident the practice of unnatural modification that I have made to her body and all this, because it is prey to fashions or social stereotypes, can very easily be made visible damage at the circulatory level because it is not keep the body tissues under such pressure and for so many hours.

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