The woman with the world’s largest lips

Jessica Rabbit is an animated character from Disney, a voluptuous singer who works in the city of Los Angeles.

The woman with the world’s largest lips

Seductive voluptuousness became a poorly seen exaggeration

Among her attractive physiques stand out not only her prominent breasts, but also her huge purple lips, something that is fine being a cartoon and that possibly no woman would try to imitate because it was excessive.

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However, this is not the case of Kristina Rei, a young Russian woman who was born around 1991 and who became a padded to the lips of the cabaret singer of the film Who cheated on Roger Rabbit?, to the point that she underwent more than 100 cosmetic surgeries for the purpose of aume Nton the size and volume of his lips, so that they would be as prominent as those of the cartoon.

Kristina states that from a very young age she felt very complexed by the size of her lips, because she considered them to be very small and, according to her, that made her look like an ugly woman. In this sense he decided, at a short age as 17 years, to make his first aesthetic intervention to increase them.

Although very painful, the result pleased the girl and, having small lips, wanted to take the matter one level further, and have the largest lips in the world, after which came the other plastic interventions investing, by the way, a sum greater than the 6000 bucks.

Some tribal women modify their mouths through artifacts, to the point of disproportionately lengthening them, however, in terms of volume, they do not exceed Kristina’s lips. And its result has been so blunt that her name has been inscribed in the Guinnes Records book as the woman with the largest mouth in the world, made before which women like Goldie Hawn have become true rookies.

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